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barbering Program STUDENT


Barbering has been my dream job, more so now that I have been a part of the MKG barbering program. I enrolled at another school a year ago and the learning experience was slow and the instructors never gave 1 on 1 attention. Materials were at a bare minimum and the personalities were horrible from both instructors and students. But here, I'm comfortable. The instructors make the time to focus on the entire class or just one individual. I have learned so much more than I thought I was. The Techniques for every service is explained to me in a way I can understand. The environment and personalities make me want to come in to class more than anything. I'm appreciative for the chance to learn and work with excellent barbers and cosmetologists. I look forward to continuing my education with MKG and its exemplary services.



Cosmetology Program STUDENT


“I chose to come to this school because the moment I stepped in this building it felt like home. Everyone made you me feel welcomed like I was already a student. I have never been anywhere that had so many friendly and professional people. All the staff and teachers are just so amazing! They all help us learn everything we need and are always there for us. I am PROUD to be a student here and am ready to take on the future with everything I learn from the Michael K. Galvin Beauty and Business Academy!”





I have always had a passion for the beauty industry but was afraid to take that first step in joining. As soon as I walked into the Academy, I knew that this was where I belong. I had so many questions on my tour and everyone was so easy to talk to and very informative. I joined the Aesthetics program and I loved it. My instructor, Kerri Santilli, helped me with my every need and made sure that I thoroughly understood a topic before moving forward. She truly made me feel welcomed in the academy. The relationships that I created with the staff and students are unforgettable. It’s a family. The Academy is a welcoming, friendly, caring place.



Cosmetology Program STUDENT


The best part about my experience at MKGBBA is the support I’ve received all the way from the Director and staff, to the educators, down to my fellow students. Having a support system both professionally and personally is so important and knowing that there’s always someone to help and listen to me with whatever I may need, whether it’s school related or not, has made this an unparalleled education experience.






Attending MKG Beauty and Business Academy has helped guide me in the direction of an amazing career path and has opened a door of opportunities. Since I've started school I've been pushed to succeed but supportive peers and teachers and i look forward to coming to school everyday and love what i do. Choosing MKG Academy was the best decision I've ever made and I cannot wait to continue to do what i love in the future.



Nail Care Program STUDENT


My experience at MKG school was a great experience. I have always wanted to pursue a career as a nail technician. This program has taught me clear techniques and has provided me with the professionalism that I need to pursue my career. I am appreciative of the program and of my instructor Danielle that helped me get to where I am today.






My combo program at MKG academy was a great experience. From the enrollment team, to the instructors, down to the students. Thank you for having such a fabulous atmosphere to learn in!





SKIN, Nail Care & HAIR Program GRADUATE

I’m a former Esthetician student at the Michael .K. Galvin beauty and business academy, I highly recommend this school if you are looking to learn all you can about skin care. The staff at this school is amazing and the director of aesthetics Kerri Santilli is so knowledgeable and helpful and the products that the school is using are amazing and top of the line. I’m also a former cosmetology graduate from this school. It was because this school was so great that I decided to go back for the skin program. When you choose to go to the Michael .K. Galvin beauty and business academy you will not be disappointed and you will learn all there is to know about skin care and you will use the best products out there.

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379 Atwood Ave. Cranston, RI 02920 / (401) 228-6889

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