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Meet Our Owner: Michael K Galvin

Parker Dickens - Thursday, June 27, 2019
There are so many exciting things to learn in the beauty industry. With new and evolving trends to show off your creativity, it’s important that beauty students learn both beauty style techniques and business skills. That’s why we’re so lucky to have Michael K Galvin as our owner! With an impressive background in beauty education and school management, Michael shows the importance of understanding both sides of beauty. Find out more about Michael and his accomplishments! 

An Education in Beauty 
Before becoming a beauty school owner, Michael was studying cosmetology techniques just like his students are now. He’s been studying beauty since 1977 in multiple schools including ones in California and Rhode Island. Even though he spent numerous years training in beauty throughout the United States, Michael knew that he would continue to learn cosmetology skills. Trends and styles are always changing after all. 

From 2012-2017, Michael was studying a variety of beauty techniques through Aveda Training. Hair color solutions, culture and leadership, and haircutting curriculum are just some of the subjects he studied during this time. Even as recent as 2018, Michael has been learning about Davines product knowledge, Brazilian blowouts, and more! His commitment to keep learning both beauty and business skills demonstrates that he knows the beauty industry is always changing. His willingness to adapt with it is what makes him a great leader in the beauty world. With all his experience, it’s no surprise that Michael has won numerous awards including “Student Hairdresser of the Year” and “Hair Stylist of the Year.”

Moving Up in the Beauty Industry 
Michael has been working in the beauty industry since 1978 as a stylist in Cranston, Rhode Island. With hard work and dedication, he moved up to stylist manager and eventually to salon owner. His Micheal K. Galvin Salon was open for 30 years, from 1984 to 2014, and shows the effect of learning both beauty and business skills.
Since 2017, Michael has owned the Salon Capelli on the Hill. Not only is he the owner of this salon, but he also works as a stylist there. His desire to know the clients who come into his salon is just another way Michael shows how much he truly cares about people. For beauty students, having an owner who gets involved and wants them to succeed can make all the difference in their beauty education. Since he works with clients, his experience can help students learn how to interact with future clients of their own after graduation.

An Experienced Owner
Michael wanted a way to teach others how they can inspire change in the beauty industry. In 2003, Michael opened the first corporate Paul Mitchell The School. He would eventually open his Paul Mitchell school in 11 different cities throughout the United States with his wife, Nina. When they started their school, they thought about the skills and techniques that would best benefit their students’ needs in the current beauty world. 

In 2012, Michael opened the Aveda Institute Rhode Island Skin Academy. To help establish the importance of beauty and business business, Michael changed his school’s name to the Michael K. Galvin Beauty & Business Academy in 2018. Michael and Nina wanted to teach students modern skills in both beauty and business so they can feel prepared to do whatever they want in the beauty industry when they graduate. As a current owner of a NACCAS accredited school, Michael shows how important his students’ education is to him.

Study With People Who Care 
Do you want to study the latest in beauty and business techniques? If you want to learn beauty with experienced professionals who care about your success, then our cosmetology program could be a great option for you! Contact us to find out how you can start the application process. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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