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A Journey to Cosmetology

Parker Dickens - Thursday, September 12, 2019
Do you want to start learning what you’re passionate about? At Michael K. Galvin Beauty & Business Academy, we believe that it’s never too late to begin your education in beauty. Michelle, a graduate of our school, is a perfect example of this. Her passion for helping others through beauty is one reason why she was awarded a full-ride scholarship to our school! Read more to learn about her journey in cosmetology school and the impact she has left on us. 

The Beginning of Her Beauty Journey  
Michelle has been a school teacher for over ten years now. While she loves teaching, she knew that there was something missing. A career in beauty had always been a goal in the back of her mind. She wanted a career that would allow her a creative outlet and show off her artistic talent. A beauty education seemed like the perfect opportunity. After thinking more about it, she decided to apply for cosmetology school.  

Why MKG Academy? 
Michelle started researching beauty schools to find out which would be the perfect fit for her personal cosmetology journey. She found our school when it was still Aveda Institute and decided to find out more about us. At the time, we were inviting students to submit an essay on why they want to study cosmetology. Whoever won our contest would then be offered a full-ride scholarship to our school. We love having the opportunity to offer these scholarships and financial aid options to our students because it allows us to see the passion that students have for learning beauty. 

Michelle’s desire to help others with her creative talents is one reason why we chose her for this scholarship. We also loved reading her story about her profession as a school teacher. It’s a great example for others that no matter what your background is, everyone has the potential to make the switch to something you’re excited to learn more about! 

Commitment to Learn More 
The switch from teaching to cosmetology seemed like a natural step for Michelle. She loved helping others through teaching and cosmetology was a great opportunity for her to help others with their beauty and confidence. That doesn’t mean that she didn’t have to work hard though. She started our evening cosmetology program in April 2017 so she could continue teaching full time during the day. It was a big time commitment to work during beauty school, but she wouldn’t trade the lessons she learned for anything. “It has pushed me to do something that was difficult… and it showed me the importance of perseverance and taking things one day at a time,'' she said.  

Michelle said that through the help of MKG Academy owners Michael and Nina, she was able to feel supported in her goals. With help from our owners, educators, and other team members, Michelle says that anyone thinking of applying can expect the best education with people who will motivate you to reach your potential.

Pay it Forward
Michelle graduated from our cosmetology program in June 2019, but she gave us a gift that we’ll never forget. Since she was attending our school with a full-ride scholarship, Michelle decided that she wanted to give something back. When she graduated, we were presented with a box that had all of Michelle’s tips she earned throughout the program. She said she wanted to be able to give the opportunity she had to another aspiring beauty student.  “Michael and his staff are good people… I knew if I gave that money back to them, they’d do something great with it.” 

We are so proud of Michelle’s commitment to her education and feel honored to be presented with something that represents all her hard work. 

Future in Beauty
Today, Michelle is still teaching. Eventually, she wants to combine her two passions and learn how to teach cosmetology. We think that this is the perfect future for her career in beauty. No matter what she does in the future, we know that she’ll bring as much passion as she did in our program!

Join Students Like Michelle

Have you always loved beauty? You could be learning what you’re passionate about with students like Michelle who share your same dreams! Contact us to find out more about our cosmetology program and how you can start the process. We can’t wait to help you start your journey in beauty! 

If you’re like Michelle and you want to find out about our scholarships and financial aid options that could be available to you, then click here.

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